Four Horsemen Review
The Four Horsemen were a legendary stable of some of the greatest wrestlers who ever lived. The Four horsemen Pay Per View review are four friends who like watching old PPV's and commenting on them.

Happy Holidays everybody! After the abysmal showing at Suvivor Series, the WWE pinned all their hopes on a major unification match. The result was a solidly average, enjoyable affair that saw two surprisingly fun handicap matches, a better than expected main event, and whole lot of filler. We break it down match by match and also give our thoughts on both the Christmas Raw and the long awaited WWE Network.

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WOOF. Well, this is a first for the Horsemen Review team. For the first time ever, Garrett and Chris fly solo because literally no one else wanted to talk about this show. In officially the worst WWE PPV since we began, the team slogged through this poorly built mess of an event. We discuss the Curtis Axel problem, the uselessness of Bray Wyatt, and People Power naturally. 

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Even though the sheer brutality of the Hell in a Cell has been toned down in recent years, it can usually be called upon to be an entertaining show. After the extremely strong start, hopes were very high. Sadly, it was not to last.

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Battleground was a show that didn't feel like it had much heat going in. Did this lack of heat hurt the overall product? Wellll....yes and no. Bolstered by a strong match of the year candidate this show felt wildly uneven. A full crew was on hand as we discussed the Wyatt family, the uneveness of the Ryback character, and Chris finally accepts that he was wrong about Goldust. 

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A thousand years of darkness continues unabated!! It was inevitable after the string of fine programs that we've had this year that inevitably there would be a dip. Night of Champions was that dip. Join us as we dicuss how awesome the Bukaisu Knee is, what on earth Dolph Ziggler did wrong, and how incredibly off the twitter polls were. 

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For the first time in a long time, it felt like the WWE made a concentrated effort to make SummerSlam the #2 show of the year. To reward their efforts, fans were treated to the best show of the year and witnessed two very strong match of the year contenders. This show saw us talk about uneccesary Triple H, Alberto Del Rio's jacked up face, and Garrett ranting about Randy Orton. Don't worry we also talk about the matches in depth with our usual flare. 

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Every year, Money in the Bank is consistently the best event the WWE puts out. Every year new stories are developed and new superstars are forged in the craziness that is the Money in the Bank. This years outing was no different. While the two main MITB events were excellent, the main show itself was fairly good. This "Shield" edition of Garrett, Ron, and Chris, tackle the boringness of Curtis Axel, the greatness of Mark Henry, and the white hot fire that is Daniel Bryan.

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Well....that happened. In our ongoing quest to expand our horizons and broaden our minds about this great sport of professional wrestling, we decided to do another viewer submitted show. XPW was one of the extreme promotions that rushed to fill the void that ECW left when it went belly up. Unfortunately this show emphasized everything that we as fans dislike. This show feels like it was written and booked by a 14 year old and none of the matches that we saw had anything that you could really consider "wrestling". This show also sees the return of Scott from his baby watching duties! We also tackle terrible hardcore matches, the notion of "selling out" (again!), and Shane Douglas.

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Payback is a bitch! Or something along those lines. After a pretty mediorcre 2013, Payback shocked everyone by being the best show we have seen since TLC 2012. A thoroughly unintriguing build up couldn't stop the fact that every performer brought their A-game and it was refreshing to see. This episode Chris, Garrett, and Ronald tackle the best Divas match they'd seen in a long time, the double turn of Del Rio and Ziggler, and the rise to prominence of Ryback. As a bonus we also discuss the highlights from Raw the following night.

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Last year, we declared Extreme Rules to be the surprise PPV of the year. This year? Not so much. The culmination of the worst build up I have ever seen in my life, makes this show disappointing to say the least. Garrett, Bienemy and Chris squared their shoulders and tackled the joyous return of the punt, the awfulness of Sheamus' character, and how Jack Sqagger and Alberto Del Rio cracked kayfabe clean in half forever. For our bonus topic, we discussed the potential of Curtis Axel and what it means to be a "Paul Heyman Guy".

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