Four Horsemen Review
The Four Horsemen were a legendary stable of some of the greatest wrestlers who ever lived. The Four horsemen Pay Per View review are four friends who like watching old PPV's and commenting on them.

The Road to Wrestlmania is paved with the corpses of dead WCW shows or so we worked out at any rate. As WCW March continues to batter at our sanity, we turn our attention to one of the more significant events of 1998. While Starrcade has always been WCW's version of Wrestlemania, in 1998 it sure as hell didn't look like it. This week, the full cast is available as we marvel at the strong cruiserweight division, scratch our heads at the nonsense that is Norman Smiley, and bemoan the main event. Also Garrett has several loud rants planned so be aware.

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WCW Marches onward! (Get it!) We tackle World War III, A three ring, 60 man battle royale was the main event of this monstrosity. It's a damn mess of things. We reassess Paul Bearer, gush over Eddie and Rey, and lose our minds over Henning and Flair in a No DQ match.

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WCW March is here!!! In a show very near and dear to Chris' heart, we tackle Halloween Havoc 1993. This show took place in the UNO Lakefront Arena in New Orleans and Chris was very lucky to have attended as a child. Sadly, he was unable to see the main event due to some pretty poor seat buying. Now he makes Garrett and Scott suffer through it with him. We see a fantastic match between Steven Regal and Davey Boy Smith, the weird ending of Ric Flair vs. Rick Rude, and the nonsenical rules of the Texas Death Match.

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Live from the future site of Wrestlemania XXX, the Four Horsemen Review is back to bring the pain and drop some knowledge...You know what ignore that part about the pain. We attended the Elimination Chamber live and boy does it make a difference when watching a WWE show. This time around we have a huge nWo type cast discussing all the matches and events including how damn awesome Mark Henry is, how badly Jack Swagger may have fucked up his opportunity at Wrestlemania, and the dominance of The Shield!. Beware! WCW March is right around the corner! Follow us on Twitter @horsemenreview and E-mail us at

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The year 2000 was not very kind to WCW. In addition to the general decline of the overall product, WCW also had the misguided idea to produce a motion picture that would highlight their product. The result was a mess. The tone of the film was wildly inconsistent and at points painful to sit through. Chris, Garrett, and Andy sat down and recorded their impressions of this film. If, God forbid, you own a copy of this disasterpiece then simply hit play when we do and watch along with us. E-mail us at Follow us on twitter @horsemenreview

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The road to Wrestlemania begins here! The Royal Rumble is the first major event of the year and we all agreed that it delivered. In spite of the fact that the show only had 4 matches, its two main events were both fairly good despite the predictability of the endings.  This show we discuss how damn good Big Show actually is, how much of a beat down Punk laid on the Rock, and how this may have been the best rumble match ever. 

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2012 is in the books and thank goodness for that. While several matches and feuds were quite good, the overall year was fairly boring and forgettable. We discuss the best matches, Superstars, Divas and PPV"s of the year while also trashing the worst of those categories.  A FULL CAST (plus TWO WHOLE NEW BONUS GUEST STARS!!), sat down and debated all the points and gave their picks for the best and worst of the year.

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For a show that seemed on paper to be a complete waste of time, TLC 2012 surprised everyone by being a shockingly good show. Despite the lack of a WWE title defense due to CM Punk's injury and the thrown togetherness of The Shield vs. Hell No and Ryback, almost everyone on the card performed above and beyond the call of duty. The full cast was gathered as Chris, Garrett, Ron and Scott were gobsmacked about The Shield's debut, called out Kofi Kingston's boringness, and were horrified by 3MB's racisim. E-mail us at

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In a previous review, we mentioned Wrestlemania 17 (or X-7 if you are extreme) had perhaps the greatest card on paper that we had ever seen. Turns out, that for many of us, this was in fact the best show that we've ever seen. This was a show so good, a new letter grade had to be devised to grade it. Garrett, Chris, Ron, Scott, and special guest star from the Nola Nerd Cast Andy, sat down and watched the first meeting between Undertaker and Triple H at Wrestlemania, the incredible TLC 2, the nostalgic bliss of the gimmick battle royal, and the sheer brutality of Rock and Austin for the WWF title. This show has our highest recommendation! E-mail us at!

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Meh, Survivor Series 2012 was another wasted show. After having their primary Survivor Series match butchered and repackaged, the show never quite found it's footing. Throw in an incredibly long, super pointless, and God-damn ridiculous segment involving AJ and Vickie Guerrero, you can see why this show suffered. Chris, Garrett, and Ron go over all the matches, lose their mind about AJ and Vickie, and then lose their shit about Dean Ambrose!! E-mail us at

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