Four Horsemen Review
The Four Horsemen were a legendary stable of some of the greatest wrestlers who ever lived. The Four horsemen Pay Per View review are four friends who like watching old PPV's and commenting on them.

The road to Wrestlemania begins here! We discuss the excellent world title match, the exhaustive nature of the Usos vs. The Miz's, and the problematic rumble itself. All that and more!! 


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We wrap up the year in review.The best, the worst, the disappointing and all points in between. As a bonus, we cast our eye to NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 9 and gush over how damn awesome it was.


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This week we tackle a lackluster TLC and a vastly superior NXT show, Featuring the anatomy of ring steps, the awesomness of Ziggler and Harper, exploding televisions, the eventual ascension of Charlotte, Finn Balor's makeup, and the emotions of watching Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.


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What a difference a year makes!. This epsiode we discuss stakes in traditional Survivor Series matches, the cultish Adam Rose, the chemistry of Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose and the Diva's division. Also Raw and WWE 2k14 for the PS4.


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The gang discuss the static nature of Dolph Ziggler, the apathy of AJ, the heelishness of Nikki Bella and ghosts!


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Tonight every title will be defended!! The gang discuss the glory of Damien Mizdow, the razor's edge that is the WWE at this very moment, the future, and a brief synopsis of NXT Takeover 2.

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Summerslam was the second best show of the year and we discuss the best lumberjack match ever, the awesomeness of Stephania McMahon, and dominance of Brock Lesnar.


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Credibility is the buzzword of the day as we discuss the cosmic key, the political correctness of Lana, and the eternal question, does the world need a Battleground PPV?


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Massive show including thoughts on Money in the Bank, injuries to Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett, Stardust love/hate, the inevitability of Cena, and our half year awards!


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After a lackluster run of Raw's, the WWE surprised us all by putting on the best show of the year behind Wrestlemania. We discuss reemergence of the mid-tier titles, the merits of throwing steps at your opponent's face, and the wonderfulness of Shield Vs. Evolution. Also the next nights Raw and the assassination of the Dean and Roman by the coward Seth Rollins.

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