Four Horsemen Review
The Four Horsemen were a legendary stable of some of the greatest wrestlers who ever lived. The Four horsemen Pay Per View review are four friends who like watching old PPV's and commenting on them.

\o/ <o> \o/ Yes! Yes! Yes! Wrestlemania XXX was one of the most magical nights of our lives. We were there in the Silver....I mean Superdome as we watched the most perfect culmination of wrestling storylines that We have ever seen. We discuss the triumph of Daniel Bryan, the sadness of the Undertaker and the greatness of Triple H. Also we discuss NXT Raw.

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The breathtaking finale to "People Power March" is here. We dip our toes into strange waters and watch our first ever TNA event. The result may surprise you. We have lots of thoughts including the Steiners, the dark comedy of Kurt Angle, and a newfound appreciation for a six-sided ring. Also we give our predictions for Wrestlemania XXX.


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Finally a not terrible WCW Pay Per View! After searching high and low and with our expectations near rock bottom, we were pleasantly surprised. Even though the show took place outdoors and featured a talk show host in the main event, the strength of the undercard was more than enough to put this in the "win" column.

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Right before Wrestlemania XIV, the WWF hit its final stop on the Road to Wrestlemania. With champion Shawn Michaels out with injury, the main event was a truly bizarre 8-man tag. This show also showed us the early genesis of the Rock,  the ill-fated NWA "invasion", and the always racist commentary of 90's Jerry Lawler.


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In 2000, the wrestling world was on the verge of a cataclysmic shift. ECW and WCW were fighting for their very survival while the WWF waited patiently for them to give up the ghost. This show in particular is ....very bizarre. Despite the 110% effort given by the performers on the card, ECW looked weak. This show had Dawn Marie's lack of commentary, the popularity of Amish Roadkill, and our own thoughts on the alleged "Heatwave incident".


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The future is here and it is looking good! NXT has morphed from a terrible game show to a proving ground for the next generation of WWE superstars. This show brought us the epic conclusion of the Cesaro/Zayn story, the best women's wrestling match of 2014 and a pretty great ladder match. Also what the hell Shawn Michaels.

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The Road to Wrestlemania is underway!! The final major event before Wrestlemania is done and now we have a clearer picture of that show. Headlined by an excellent Wyatt/Shield match and a really good chamber match, this show is mostly very good. This week, we debate about Batista extensively, the product in general, and discuss the latest Raw. Also we talk about the WWE Network and our initial impressions with it.

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AWWWW YEAHHHH. The OG Horsemen are back together and it feels so good! The Road to Wrestlemania began at the Royal Rumble and it was the most controversial Rumble I have ever witnessed.  There was so much to chew over and discuss that we ran extra long this week. Also Garrett vented....A lot. 

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2013 will go down as one of the best years of wrestling we have ever seen. We had more excellent Raws and more PPV quality matches on free tv than at any point in history. We give our bests and worsts of the year and reminisce on the year gone by.

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