Four Horsemen Review
The Four Horsemen were a legendary stable of some of the greatest wrestlers who ever lived. The Four horsemen Pay Per View review are four friends who like watching old PPV's and commenting on them.

Even though the sheer brutality of the Hell in a Cell has been toned down in recent years, it can usually be called upon to be an entertaining show. After the extremely strong start, hopes were very high. Sadly, it was not to last.

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Battleground was a show that didn't feel like it had much heat going in. Did this lack of heat hurt the overall product? Wellll....yes and no. Bolstered by a strong match of the year candidate this show felt wildly uneven. A full crew was on hand as we discussed the Wyatt family, the uneveness of the Ryback character, and Chris finally accepts that he was wrong about Goldust. 

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