Four Horsemen Review
The Four Horsemen were a legendary stable of some of the greatest wrestlers who ever lived. The Four horsemen Pay Per View review are four friends who like watching old PPV's and commenting on them.

As People Power March winds down, we pick an often forgotten show to wrap things up. Wrestlemania 23 has some excellent matches and some bizarre sequences. The gang tackles the 2007 Divas, a really fun Money in the Bank match, and John Cena's sick drifting skills. Also we discuss Wrestlemania XXXI and give our predictions for the upcoming event.


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We dip our toes  back into the swirling miasma that is TNA and are not surprised with what we find. We introduce a new contributor and discuss TNA fashion, the Knockouts compared to the Divas, and Jeff Hardy. Also as a a special bonus we talk about The Flintstones Stone Age Smackdown and Russell Maniac.


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FINALLY!! After talking about it forever, we sit down to watch Mayhem 1998. What? You mean there is no 1998 show? and its the beginning of the Vince Russo Era? Oh goody. We talk about run ins galore, rampant mysogmy, amd a title tournament.

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People Power marches on! We return once again to look back at the shows you demanded. We go back to 2001 WCW to look at Sin and are surprised at what we find. We talk about how nobody understands gimmick matches, the continued excellence of the cruiserweight division, and the Nature Boss.

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