Four Horsemen Review
The Four Horsemen were a legendary stable of some of the greatest wrestlers who ever lived. The Four horsemen Pay Per View review are four friends who like watching old PPV's and commenting on them.

We are back with the most extreme event of the year! Kind of! I mean i think a "Kiss Me Arse" match may be stretching the limits of extreme. This week the fall of Dolph Ziggler, the futility of the Russian Chain match, and Naomi's new everything.

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It's incredible what you can get by tempering your expectations. After one of the most lackluster builds in history, the most recent Wrestlemania proved that exciting matchs and unexpected outcomes can conquer almost anything. This week we talk about the brutality of Reigns and Lesnar, the best RKO of all time, and the benefits of riding out on a tank. Plus we break down the Raw after Mania and the new status quo.

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